Welcome to Edmonton

For those who are thinking about traveling to Canada, we have many beautiful provinces in our country waiting to be explored. No matter whether the visitor is here for a vacation, to visit family, or on business, they will receive a warm welcome here in Canada.

One of our favourite Canadian cities is Edmonton. We are so impressed with this city, that we made the decision to dedicate a website to Edmonton, with the focus being on those who wish to visit here. As you navigate through the site, you are going to find a lot of exciting and useful information. We strived to take common topics regarding Edmonton tourism, and expand upon them. We hope that by doing so, it will encourage many vacationers to spend some time in Edmonton. But, in addition to that, we want this site to be a source of information, to really go beyond the basics of what the city has to offer.

What to Do When in Edmonton

There will not be any problems finding things to do in Edmonton, and there are many options for all family members. On this website we have gathered a lot of information about activities and sights for visitors of all ages. Read more on this site to learn everything you need to know about what to see and do on your visit.

Regions to Stay in

With Edmonton being such a large city, it might be a little difficult to decide which part of the city you wish to stay in. Read all about the different areas of the city here, and you will have no problem with deciding where to stay. You will see that we have some great options. It is just a matter of picking what is best for you.

Let Edmonton Entertain You

You are going to enjoy this section of our site, as we have worked hard to bring you some exciting information about the available entertainment. We are encouraging you to think beyond the basics when it comes to your entertainment needs.


Lodgings play an important role in the success of a vacation or being away from home. Edmonton appreciates its visitors, which can easily be seen, with the number of short-term rentals that are available.

What to Consider

Consider taking your time, and checking out online reviews about any accommodation that you are looking at in Edmonton. This way, you will be more confident, and more informed, when making your decision. You want to factor in location, what the establishment has to offer, and, of course, price.

We hope that this website will give you all the information you need to plan a visit to Edmonton, one of the most interesting cities here in Canada!