Choosing the Best Areas to Stay

The city of Edmonton is a large one, which means visitors here are going to have some great choices as to where they want to stay while here.

Determining Your Needs

Not all areas are the same, nor is what they have to offer. The first thing you want to do before you decide is to determine what your needs are. If you are a family on vacation, then your needs are going to be different perhaps from the honeymooner, or the business person.

Downtown Core

The downtown core of Edmonton is a great area to stay in. It is suitable for the majority of needs. It is central to everything that visitors will want. The city also has a great transit system, so it makes getting around an easy task for those visiting. For families, the downtown core houses many of the attractions, that all members of the family will be interested in. Business travelers will be able to go about their tasks easily. It may be a little more expensive to stay in this area. This is because the higher quality hotels are situated here.

West Edmonton

There are numerous malls and independent stores throughout the entire city. However, for those who really want to capitalize on an amazing shopping experience, then staying in the West Edmonton region is the way to go. This is the home of what was once considered to be the largest mall worldwide.

South Central

Although there is plenty of entertainment in the other Edmonton regions, the South Central tops the list, at least for those people who want to enjoy some of the best pubs that can be found in Edmonton.

Best Areas for Families

A lot of families that have young children don’t want to stay in the hub of any city. They find it may be too noisy and overwhelming for the young ones. There is no need to worry about this while in Edmonton, as there are several areas that provide a great environment for the kids, that are not as congested or crowded. An example of this is Sherwood Park. More recently built hotels are located here, which means they may tend to cater to the family and kids more. Within the area, there are some good activities, including a wave pool and indoor playground.

Best Areas for Honeymooners

A lot of honeymooners arrive in Edmonton as their first journey into married life. These visitors have different expectations compared to some of the tourists. The newlyweds put their focus on their accommodation. Throughout the different good quality areas of Edmonton, there is a good selection of hotels, most of which will offer a honeymoon suite.

All of these suggested areas have a reputation for being safe and enjoyable environments, from which to discover the city.