Amazing Entertainment in Edmonton

Edmonton has an excellent reputation for being one of Canadas best cities for visitors. Almost anything that a tourist might want can be found here. One thing that many visitors don’t want to miss is the great entertainment that our town has to offer.


Sightseeing makes up an important part of a stay in Edmonton. But, visitors might also want to join in on other types of activities. When travelling with family or a group of friends this often means looking for something that appeals to everyone. The following is a short list of interactive activities that can be enjoyed by most people of all ages.

  • Amusement parks are always a big hit for the entire family. The city is famous for its West Edmonton Mall. This indoor amusement facility has plenty for every member of the family. At one time, it held the title for being the biggest mall in the world.


  • Game and entertainment centers is another great amusement. Edmonton is a very modern city and it has a good number of game and entertainment centers. They are sure to please the younger children, along with the teens. Trying to keep everyone happy while on vacation can be a challenge, but these centers will undoubtedly be the solution.


Music Entertainment

For those that love music, choosing to visit Edmonton is a great idea. Many are aware that Canada is famous for its music, so tourists have high expectations about this when visiting Edmonton, and are not going to be disappointed. There are several financial institutions that are strongly involved with the arts including music. Through their sponsorship, the music industry has really been able to grow here.


For those who favor the traditional movie theatres, there are plenty of them throughout the city of Edmonton. However, there are also some other choices. A great one is the dinner theatre. This is where live shows take place, while the patrons get to dine on some fine cuisine. It is a different atmosphere to traditional theatres, where live plays and other events take place. For many, a dinner experience is a new one. Enjoying one of these creates some great memories of the vacation spent in Edmonton.

Additional Edmonton Entertainment

Apart from what has already been discussed, there are some other exciting entertainment options. There are plenty of clubs and sports bars. So, for those visitors who want to enjoy a great sports environment, Edmonton gives them that chance. Then, for those who love to dance or listen to live music, there are some great clubs to choose from.

For some of these forms of entertainment, you may be required to make reservations so you will need to do this before arriving in Edmonton.