Your Accommodation Options in Edmonton

For those who want to stay for a few days, Edmonton offers some great choices for accommodation. For most, a good quality hotel is what comes to mind first. But there are lots of different options for every budget.

The Hotels

This form of accommodation is the one that is most often chosen. Edmonton has a good selection of these, which will meet the different expectations that the traveler has. Everyone, at the minimum, wants to have hotel accommodation that is clean and can provide a good night’s rest. For many, they want more than this, because the accommodation they choose contributes to the holiday experience. The Edmonton hotels range from budget options, right up to five-star luxury. For a really luxurious experience, stay at the historic Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in central Edmonton. If you want to stay somewhere smaller and more personal there is also a good range of unique boutique hotels in the city. For a more budget- friendly option try one of the chain- hotels, like the Holiday Inn Express Edmonton Downtown hotel. It is just a matter for the visitor to Edmonton to decide what type of hotel accommodation they would like to have.

Bed and Breakfasts (B & B)

Another common choice for a place to stay when away from home is a bed and breakfast. There are certainly many of these to choose from while in Edmonton. They are scattered about, with some being just on the outskirts of the city but still allowing easy access with public transport to the central parts of the city. Bed and Breakfasts have the advantage of being more affordable than hotels, and can offer a more familiar and cozy experience. University Suites B & B is a good and affordable choice for visitors to Edmonton.

Vacation Rentals

One type of accommodation that is growing in popularity, not only for Edmonton but many other parts of Canada, are short-term stay apartments and private dwellings. Residents are renting out a whole house, part of one, and even rooms to tourists. These are ideal for those travelers with children, that want to vacation in a more home-like atmosphere. Families with children often find it a challenge to keep the kids happy in hotels, and renting an apartment or a house can be a great option.


For those looking for the most economical type of accommodation, then one of the many quality hostels in Edmonton may be just what they are looking for. These are usually suited to backpackers, who are only going to spend one or two nights in the city, although longer stays are allowed.

These are some excellent choices for accommodation in Edmonton, that will meet the expectations of anyone visiting our beautiful city.