Suggestions for things to do in Edmonton

It is natural for those who are going to visit another country to plan for some of their time there. Which usually means doing some research about the destination. Canada has some beautiful cities to visit, and a favorite of many is Edmonton. To make the most of the time that is spent here, here are some tips for things to see and do.


A lot of visitors like to make their first priority when in Edmonton, to do some sightseeing. This helps them to get to know the city and its history in depth, and provides plenty of topics to talk about when returning home. Plenty of news media outlets can be consulted before venturing out, to learn about the day’s weather and what else is going on in the city. Some places of interest are listed below.

  • Alberta Legislature Building: This is a good starting point for the Edmonton visitor. It gives some great insight as to how the province is run by the government. Visitors get to enjoy a tour, which makes the time spent here well worth it.


  • Parks: The city of Edmonton is a very busy one, but it also has a beautiful environment. There are many different parks available to stroll through. Parks are also a good place to allow the kids to burn off some energy. Many of the parks in Edmonton are not just your average recreational area. There is the Fort Edmonton Park, which really is an open-air museum.


  • Tours: As a guest in Edmonton, you have the option of picking and choosing which sights you want to see. What a lot of people do, is to arrange a few tours. For something extra exciting we suggest checking out the Edmonton Ghost tour. There is always an aura of nervous excitement when one joins the others on this particular tour.



It is true when they say, that in Edmonton there is something for everyone. Adults who like some excitement, are going to want to visit one of the very popular casinos that Canada is so well known for.


Edmonton is a city of convenience and caters to all clients. If visitors are from the US they will find banking institutions in Edmonton to help them if they need funds.


Everyone has to eat, and when away from home, this is an important part of the vacation. Take advantage of this by exploring the different types of restaurants, that are comprised of varying cultures. Look for some unusual experiences in dining here. For example, there is a restaurant called Ginseng. The food they serve is a raw meat buffet. After making your choices, you then take your selection back to your table, where you cook it on a burner, that has been placed on the table.